• MIDI, guitar, synthesizers, music, ... tools and experiments
Bass Station 2 Web editorgithub • Control your Bass Station 2 synthesizer from your web browser.
Bass Station 2 SysEx format • Reverse engineering of the Novation Bass Station 2 SysEx format.
Pacer editorgithub • Configure your Nektar Pacer directly from your browser.
Patch Librariangithub • Manage your MIDI SysEx patches directly from your browser.
Web MIDI eventscodepengithub • Print Web MIDI events in the browser, for learning, debugging, etc.
MIDI file tools • Command line tools to work with MIDI files.
MIDI Manufacturer ID numbersnpm • MIDI Manufacturer ID numbers as Javascript constants.
SVG Knobcodepennpm • A customizable circular knob for your web applications.
SVG Slidercodepennpm • A customizable slider for your web applications.
SVG Envelopenpm • A customizable ADSR-like envelope for your web applications.
Fretboard APInpm • Kind of API to manage shapes on a fretboard.
Fretboard Shapes.npm • Shapes to be used with fretboard-api.
React Fretboard Diagramnpm • A React component to build SVG fretboard diagrams.
Music Calculatorsgithub • Calculate interval and semitones between two notes, and many other useful values.
Youtube Playlist Editorgithub • Small web application to edit your Youtube playlists.