SysEx.ioA collection of applications, tools and component mainly related to MIDI, synthesizers, audio and guitar.

Bass Station 2 Web interface

Bass Station 2 Web interface screenshot

Control your Bass Station 2 synthesizer from your web browser. No more hidden parameters. All parameters are visible on screen. Save, load and even print your patches.
And, for the fun, let the application create a patch with the randomizer.

Required: a browser supporting the Web MIDI API.

Bass Station 2 SysEx format

Reverse engineering of the Novation Bass Station 2 SysEx format.

Patch Librarian

MIDI Patch Librarian screenshot

Send MIDI SysEx patches directly from your browser to your synth!

MIDI file tools

Command line tools to work with MIDI files

MIDI Manufacturer ID numbers

MIDI Manufacturer ID numbers as Javascript constants.


A flexible and customizable knob for your web applications.



A flexible and customizable slider for your web applications.



A flexible and customizable ADSR-like envelope.


Web Fretboard

Guitar fretboard tools.

Coming soon!